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Running a law firm can feel like you’re treading water. DigiSurface helps you keep repetitive work at bay so that your firm can focus on what matters: helping clients.



Centralised Clients, Matters & Projects Management

Centralised Clients, Matters & Projects Management

Resource, Time and Billing Capabilities

Resource, Time and Billing Capabilities

Transform your law firm, streamline your workflows, manage your clients, optimise your costs & realise savings, get easy access from cloud, gain better collaboration, and become future-ready!



Law firm are usually tied up with tedious administrative tasks as well as client acquisition/retention while keeping their budget to the minimum, their amount of billable hours reduces comparatively, impeding their bottom line. An integrated platform which automates and gives visibility to the entire Law Firm has become the need of the hour.

Law firm can overcome challenges pertaining to dual entries, accuracy and limited analysis with an integrated finance management tool. Some of the key elements of Finance integration include, payments against Reimbursement/Payment Request, Allocation of cost against Matter, Configuration and Mapping of multiple Taxes with Accounts, etc.

Document Mangement

Knowledge Mangement

Managing documents for law firms through an efficient Sharepoint platform has a number of advantages. It enables the users to store, compile, assemble or retrieve documents instantaneously through a one-touch repository.

Sharepoint Knowledge Management solution being a comprehensive portal and repository, allowed easy access to important information, store internal and external directories, learn from best practices, manage key documents and streamline online content search.

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